Incorporated technologies in South total station equipment

These are new opportunities for work of researchers in rural areas.
GPS-receivers and Total station became today the usual things in prospecting works.
At performance of specific targets in specific conditions these devices are used separately. But very often set of prospecting problems demands association of these two technologies of tracking:

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South Total station

GPS opportunities are often limited because of presence of such obstacles as trees or the greater buildings interfering passage of a signal from the satellite, and geodesists should search for others ways of the decision of the risen problem.
Modular construction and surprising multifunctionality give to researchers various advantages to daily work:  it is not necessary to worry about reference points, prospecting structures and return notches. Simply establish the tool in a convenient place, press a GPS key and Antenna will make all rest.

System RTK, within several seconds, with centimetric accuracy defines a place up to 50 km from basic station. The data of the certain place automatically are transferred in Total station.

Detailed shooting or supervision is made by means of South Total Station by usual image. All applied programs for shooting with use Total station and GPS are identical.  The everything, what is required for uniform program data processing from Total station and GPS, is given in a package. South Total Station provides import, visualization, transformation, quality assurance, updating and export of data.

he first users all over the world have confirmed positive characteristics of these new tools of tracking.
It is smaller expenses in comparison with two separate tools.
For both technologies one curve of training that is very user-friendly is required only.





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